BioTE Compared to Injectable Testosterone and Creams

BioTE compared to other forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy like injection and cream. Although hormone replacement therapy utilizes all three delivery methods, the pellet form is better by far and safer than injectable or topical HRT. There are four significant reasons:

There is a molecular difference between injectable testosterone and the pellet form (BioTE).

BioTE is Bioidentical. Bioidentical means the body recognizes it as its testosterone. Injectable testosterone comes in different salt forms (i.e., testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate). The salt form of the testosterone injectable has to be broken down by the body since the body doesn’t recognize the salt form of testosterone as natural, leading to increasing liver function, which in the long-term leads to liver toxicity and renal problems.

The other difference is absorption. 

The pellet form absorbs slowly and smoothly like a small, angled hill. However, the injectable form of testosterone has an erratic absorption due to its pharmacokinetics (how the body processes a drug). So you end up with high peaks and low troughs. This uneven absorption is the reason for many side effects with injectables vs. the rare side effects of pellet form of testosterone (BioTE).

The pellet form of testosterone (BioTE) avoids testosterone rage.

Although testosterone rage is widespread with injectable testosterone, it is infrequent with the pellet form of testosterone (BioTE). Rage occurs because testosterone levels drop a week after injection; as the testosterone level drops, estrogen levels increase. The body (especially males) doesn’t adapt to this hormonal change, so through the central nervous system, moodiness, rage, short temper, sleep disturbances become the ways to communicate to self that the body is not happy. With BioTE, the absorption is so smooth that you don’t get the peak and trough you get with injectable forms of testosterone.

Pellet Therapy is Convenient

A quick trip to the doctor three times a year is all you need for BioTE hormone replacement therapy for men. Pellet therapy avoids self-injection and produces smoother physiological responses. With BioTE, there is no need to remember messy creams every day. Instead, you go about your life and enjoy the benefits of HRT. BioTE compared to injectables and creams is worthy of your consideration.

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