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Having trouble finding time in your day to see your physician? We have a way to help!

At Nu Life Medical, we strive to keep innovating and adding a patient resource like a Telemedicine Program is just one example! Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services via phone call or FaceTime.


It’s easy! Schedule an appointment online and our medical staff will connect you to Dr.Eftekhari where he can ask detailed questions catered to the progress of your treatment. Topics can range from treatment plan check-ins to refills on prescriptions.  Appointment duration can vary between 5 to 30 minutes depending on your specific needs and desires.

HRT Telemedicine Program via Telehealth can improve your access to care, improve the quality of care received, eliminate lengthy office visits and wait times, and improve patient-to-physician relationships.

In order to enter Nu Life Medical’s HRT Telemedicine Program, we require in-person office visits for 3 or more consecutive months in order to build rapport between you and Dr. Eftekhari and create a sustainable treatment plan that suits your every need. Depending on various factors that may affect your well being during your in-office visits, Dr.Eftekhari can determine if telehealth is the right fit for you!

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