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Nu Life Medical is a practice dedicated to integrative medicine. We are dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of all patients regardless of their background and without judgement. We are constantly evolving by keeping up on the most current studies, medical treatment plans, therapies, and technologies.  Our center is equipped to handle of variety of concerns including the following:

As an integrative medical center, we choose to employ naturopathic lifestyle changes with more modern medicine as a way to treat and decrease symptoms of a patient’s condition. In order to create a well-rounded plan of care for all men and women, our physician implements a synergistic approach in which he combines non-pharmacological and pharmacological methods to better the quality of life for all his patients. While medication alone can help, we believe it is critical to implement lifestyle changes to balance a patient’s full treatment. This allows for a patient, once completed with treatment and/or medication, to see results and feel healthier than when they started, improving their quality of life.

We are a well-rounded facility that takes into account the environmental and psychological factors that could influence the recovery and treatment of a patient’s medical condition. We at Nu Life Medical are detail-oriented and attentive to all patient concerns.


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Osteopathic medical physicians (DOs) strive to help you feel truly healthy in mind, body and spirit—not just free of symptoms. DOs are trained to listen and partner with patients to help them get healthy and stay well. They receive special training in the musculoskeletal system – your body’s interconnected system of nerves, muscles, and bones. By combining this knowledge with the latest advances in medical technology, they offer patients the most comprehensive care available in medicine today!