5 Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Women

Keeping your doctor informed about changes in your health is essential. Throughout life women experience hormonal shifts, however these changes can produce lasting symptoms and even put a damper on your energetic life. If there are signs of hormone imbalance in women, they should talk to their doctor. 

1. Poor Memory and / or Brain Fog

Before and after menopause, as part of hormone imbalance in women, notice what is called brain fog – being a bit more forgetful and not as sharp. Difficulty sleeping can worsen the effects. And those night sweats and hot flashes can make it hard to get your Zs.

2. Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Lower estrogen levels can cause these sudden episodes of excess body heat causing the face and neck to feel flushed. Night sweats occur when the intense heat occurs at night, causing the sufferer to sweat. These night-time hot flashes can make sleep difficult.

3. Changes in Libido

Hormone imbalance can lead to vaginal dryness, making sex uncomfortable. Poor sleep quality and other symptoms can also exacerbate the lack of sex drive. 

4. Weight gain 

Hormone imbalance affects appetite and metabolism. Before and after menopause, you may notice the numbers on the scale going up. Proper diet and exercise are important, but addressing the imbalance is the ultimate key to maintaining a healthy weight.

5. Mood changes/mood swings

Shifting hormones can cause mood swings. If you experience frequent mood swings, it may be a sign of hormone imbalance.

If you are experiencing signs of hormone imbalance, finding a hormone specialist can help you on the path to feeling your best. At NuLife, Dr. Eftekhari, can pinpoint hormones that are out of balance and, if needed, work with you to develop a treatment plan both from a medical and lifestyle perspective. Call to schedule a consultation today at 949-257-2315!