4 Things to Look for in a Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor

If you’re looking for answers to your hormonal health questions, then finding a good hormone replacement therapy doctor is key. With hormone replacement becoming more commonplace, there are many options, and a good doctor is essential on your road to wellness. Here are some tips for finding a doctor that can guide you along the way.

1. Hormone Home Specialty

Your family doctor and gynecologist are important players in your wellness team. However, doctors that specialize in hormone health offer extensive experience and focused, customized treatments. Dr. Eftekhari concentrates on offering hormone replacement therapy and stays up to date on the latest medical advances in the field.

2. Personalized Treatment

Finding just the right hormone balance requires taking into account lifestyle, medical history, nutrition among other factors unique to each person. At NuLife, Dr. Eftekhari brings his training as an osteopathic medical doctor to partner with patients providing comprehensive healthcare focused on mind, body, and spirit. Hormone Replacement Therapy is used to treat the whole person as a unique individual, not simply relieve symptoms.

3. Usage of Bioidentical Hormones as Part of Your Unique Treatment Plan

If, after thorough assessment, you and your doctor decide hormone replacement therapy will benefit you, bioidentical hormones are cutting edge treatment. Bioidentical hormones can be customized and optimized to help you age healthier – reclaiming your energy and vitality.

4. Patient Focused

As a partner in your health, your doctor should actively listen to your concerns and wellness goals. Dr. Eftekhari takes into account your routines, nutrition, and your unique body chemistry to work with you to create a personalized plan. In addition to pharmacological treatment, at NuLife Dr. Eftekhari also assesses and recommends ways to improve your quality of life through nutrition and lifestyle.

If you’re ready to learn more about your health, call Dr. Eftekhari at NuLife to schedule a consultation at 949-257-2315 today!