Top Three Reasons People are Not on HRT

Why are more people not on Bioidentical Pellet Therapy?

This question astonishes me since the advanced technology associated with HRT has made it safer and more affordable for people to be on hormone replacement therapy

Here are the top 3 excuses why people don’t take advantage of Bioidentical Pellet therapy:

It Costs too much! 

I like to use the “cup of coffee a day” analogy. An average cost of a cup of coffee is $3.49 a day (not to mention some people get coffee twice a day). If you drink a cup 6 times a week, that’s approximately $1100 a year we spend on something with no medical or health value other than jitteriness and possibly arrhythmias. The cost of Bioidentical Pellet placement is $1200 for females and $1500 for males. The money you invest in your health takes years of your age and doesn’t just get pissed out of your body. I’m not suggesting quitting drinking coffee because I know you would think I’m out of my mind. But there are other ways to have your HRT and drink your coffee too.

I don’t have time to go to the doctor!

We are talking about Bioidentical pellet insertion. It takes 10 minutes to place your pellet. You wait 30 minutes to be safe and repeat the treatment three times a year for females and twice a year for males. That comes down to 2 hours a year for women and 1.5 hours a year for men. Check out the Just 4 Males website to learn more about HRT for men

Going back to the Starbucks analogy, it comes to a total of 26 hours a year to get a cup of coffee a day (assuming 5 minutes waiting time)!

I will be dependent on external hormones and can’t get off them!

Again, we are talking about bioidentical Pellets and not injections. With injectable HRT, you get an erratic absorption since the liver must break the injectable form of testosterone salt into testosterone. It is already in bioidentical testosterone form with pellets. So the body treats it like its own (bioidentical). Because the absorption is not erratic, and the hormone is bioidentical, it doesn’t trigger the negative feedback cascade (The process of the brain signaling the organs to stop producing hormones). So, dependence on testosterone is extremely rare with bioidentical pellets.

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