Pain can get in the way of school, work, and time with family, friends and loved ones. It makes it hard to focus and stay present in daily activities. Pain can range from minor aches to extreme debilitation depending on the case. It can be caused by trauma, surgery, and/or injury to a specific site of the body or a symptom a patient may experience due to chronic illness, infection, or disorder/disease. 

No one wants to be in constant pain and at Nu Life Medical, we strive to improve your quality of life and live pain-free. 

In order for our team to evaluate you in the best of our abilities, we ask that you bring in all previous imaging, referrals, and/or labs in regards to your pain and/or medical condition. If you do not have one or all documents listed above or have not been seen by a previous physician regarding your pain, we can perform an initial evaluation and refer you to outside imaging or laboratory centers in the near by area!

 Once your cause of pain has been determined, Dr.Eftekhari will implement the best course of treatment for your needs. At Nu Life Medical, we stand by our synergistic approach. Our approach includes a combination of non-pharmacological  and pharmacological methods to help alleviate your pain. Some non-pharmacological tactics we encourage include physical therapy, chiropractics, and acupuncture. We have great relationships with outside clinics that specialize in these areas that we can refer you to. In terms of pharmacological methods, we incorporate various analgesic and anticholinergic / antispasmodic medications to treat various medical conditions that can help with inflammation, contraction, and relaxation of different muscle groups. 

Nu Life Medical can manage your pain and get you on the right track to a better quality of life. Don’t let pain keep you down. We are here to help you!