Curious about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? Here are 3 things to know.

Women have long been plagued by hot flashes, weight gain, mood changes, and other symptoms of hormonal shifts as they age. The symptoms range in severity from mild discomfort to down right debilitating. Treatments, including hormone replacements, have been helping women to continue to lead their active lives by lessening these symptoms. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is gaining popularity. 

1. Here’s the difference between traditional hormone therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Traditional hormone replacement therapy employs synthetic hormones or hormones derived from animal sources to treat symptoms of menopause. And while animal sources are considered “natural,” the hormones are not identical to those produced by the human body. Bioidentical hormone replacements are derived from plants and designed to be recognized by the body as identical to its own hormones.

2. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help relieve symptoms.

If you suffer from hot flashes, mood changes, weight gain, night sweats, brain fog, and other menopause symptoms, bioidentical hormone therapy can help. In addition, the therapy may improve your sex life by relieving symptoms such as vaginal dryness, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable. 

3. Lifestyle changes combined with bioidentical hormone therapy can help you age successfully.

It is important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms and health goals. At NuLife, Dr. Eftekhari takes pride in treating the whole person for optimal health, not just relieving symptoms. Lifestyle, diet, and exercise recommendations work alongside medical therapies to help you live your best, most active life.

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