Benefits of Pellet Therapy for Women

For those dealing with hormone imbalance, especially during and around menopause, pellet therapy for women can restore the balance and rejuvenate your life. 

What is pellet therapy for women?

Pellets that are slightly larger than a grain of rice and made from natural plant hormones are implanted during a minimally invasive, in-office procedure. The pellets release doses of bioidentical hormones, so that levels stay continuous, correcting hormone imbalance. 

Why choose pellet therapy?

Hormones are directly delivered into the bloodstream.

Pellets are situated directly under the skin in your hip during the procedure. The pellets release tiny and regular doses of hormones directly into the bloodstream to maintain natural levels. Because the dose is consistent, there are no hormone fluctuations like with pills, creams, and patches.

Pellet therapy offers lasting effects.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of pellet therapy for up to four months in women, depending on a number of factors. Your body weight, amount of hormones currently present, and absorption rate will affect how long your treatment lasts. It’s also very convenient – no need to remember to take a pill or use a cream. 

It provides superior relief.

Studies have shown that unlike other therapies, pellet therapy for women provides the best rates of relief for insomnia, low libido, reduced bone density, and other symptoms of menopause. Women report positive changes like better sleep, waking up refreshed, and even a restored sex drive.

Pellet therapy is safer for your liver and eliminates clotting risks.

Oral hormone therapies come with potential risks for clotting and adverse effects on the liver. Pellet therapy eliminates clotting risks and reduces detrimental liver changes. Pellet therapy has been studied for more than 80 years and is being used all over the world to help women. 

Don’t let age-related hormone changes control your body, your mental health, or your overall well-being any longer! Enjoy the benefits of pellet therapy for women, and take charge of your own health with hormone specialist, Dr. Hessam Eftekhari, at Nu Life. Call us today at 949-980-1101 for a consultation to learn more about what pellet therapy can do for you!