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Pain Management Treatment
August 23,2015

Pain Management Treatment

We’ve all been there. We’ve gotten an injury or illness that hurts so much we need medication to help us get on with our lives. For some of us, this happens through an accident, such as a fall or a broken bone, and we are meant to deal with pain for a few weeks before we fully recover. For others, it’s a chronic condition that requires constant managing if we are to be able to do anything without excruciating pain.

While pain is a part of natural life, that doesn’t mean that it’s welcome. Fortunately, through conventional and integrative medical methods, pain relief is much easier to come by. In fact, many medical centers have a focus on pain management therapy for chronic conditions and post-surgery patients.

nu Life Medical Group is one of those centers. We offer a variety of programs for pain management treatment in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Our board-certified physicians and nurses are adept at pain alleviation, taking great care to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your therapy.

For a gradual pain decrease, we employ integrative medicine tactics, such as acupuncture, a Chinese traditional method that involves sticking sterile needles into trigger points in your body to alleviate pain. The results of this method can run a wide spectrum, but most patients feel dramatic relief within five to seven treatment sessions.

For chronic conditions, we use pain medication and lifestyle changes to maximize your pain relief. It’s been scientifically proven that a client who loses weight will see a natural decrease in pain associated with their condition. This is why nu Life Medical Group offers the HCG diet plan, a supplement that uses the compound that helps a child grow throughout a pregnancy. The results are fast, and the diet is as simple as taking the supplement as instructed.

Whatever pain management therapy you would like to try, we invite you to try it with us first. Our caring staff is here to listen to all of your concerns and walk you through your therapy step by step. Don’t hesitate to find relief for your pain. Call nu Life Medical Group to set up an appointment today.